Tim Busch, President and CEO, Envision Health

Sheila Nero Photo“I recently hired Sheila as our go-to public relations affiliate for an important Envision Health client. She hit the ground running and demonstrated a very pro-active style in making recommendations that were in the client’s best interests. She also continually brought new ideas to reach our client’s target market in innovative ways, and had a very professional presence with challenging stakeholders. I’d recommend her without hesitation for any public relations or content development role.“

Julie Edgar, Communications/Media Relations Specialist

“Sheila was a valued colleague at a public relations agency, a busy place that demanded high productivity. She knows her stuff. She capably rose to the tasks, contributing her considerable knowledge of PR and her high adaptability. Sheila is an all-around communicator — a writer, editor and public relations strategist. Also, she has integrity and is very nice to work with — a great asset in a coworker.”

Eddie Garcia, Creative Services Manager

“Sheila provided an excellent skill set as a writer and developed meaningful content, which was essential to building winning RFP/RFI documents. As a designer, it was a positive experience to collaborate with her to tell the story. I enjoyed working with Sheila as we delivered strategic material on strict deadline. Sheila is an experienced and knowledgeable professional in her field.”

Jessica Drecktrah, SPHR, direct manager at Kohler Co.

“As I reflect on our two years of working together, I am extremely appreciative to have had Sheila as my Internal Communications partner and as part of the HR team. What began as a new position to streamline internal communication within a rapidly changing environment for over 650 associates quickly developed into building an entire e-blast/intranet communication platform with a regular cadence. We leveraged business successes and cultural wins to create momentum, engagement (and retention) within the team. Sheila’s passion for her art, technical expertise, and willingness to always be ‘boots on the ground’ to hear directly from the audience regarding what’s on their mind or what communication gaps may exist is a stellar combination. She’s self-directed and committed to excellence. Highly recommended.”

Dave LaBarge, DTE Energy Internal Communications, retired

“Sheila came to my work group as an experienced writing professional, and she delivered timely, thorough information to our online employee audience. With very little direction needed, she learned our corporate culture quickly, and provided a needed ‘boost’ to our work output through her direct and creative storytelling.

“From my view, there wasn’t a wasted moment in her work process. I appreciated her editing skills related to my work, and our audience was well-served by her efforts.”

Kristin Ashworth-Fanch, Director, Sprout Foundation

“While working as a recruiter, I had many chances to interact with Sheila prior to placing her at DTE Energy and then while she was working there as a Communications Specialist. Sheila is a strong writer and is detail-oriented, which should prove valuable for any PR or other marketing position.

“She also tends to have high standards for herself, which in my experience helps lift everyone else to a higher standard. She has experience working with executives and other leaders, as well as every kind/level of staff member.

“She takes deadlines seriously. She has had a lot of experience writing press releases and articles, which I know from my past career as a copywriter requires working with numerous people to get content and approvals, frequently under pressure.

“I think you would enjoy working with her, and I think she will ‘get’ any project you put in front of her, whether it is writing-related or managing the details.”

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